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Citizen Sponsors

CityCauses is a citizen forum — a digital newspaper with social media channels — for discussing ways to make our communities better.

Since even the biggest cities can be geographic silos, our main job is to find the best ideas, across the country and world, and give them broad visibility so others can benefit. We favor the ones small groups of locals make happen on their own.

We’re in search of a very specific type of content that inspires and informs. And, that’s what makes us different from general-purpose newspapers, or anyone else for that matter.

Mission Statement

If you like what we’re doing, please join us by becoming a CITIZEN SPONSOR, and help us grow.

CITIZEN SPONSORS are individuals or employees of local companies and organizations that want to help us support community improvement at the grassroots level. This is a membership program. In the future, you’ll be invited to local peer-to-peer events and programs now under development.

Until the end of March, the one-time fee is $49 and lasts 12 months. On April 2, 2018, the fee will increase to $99 for new CITIZEN SPONSORS.

Thank you for your support.