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What We Do.

CityCauses is a new public forum — a digital newspaper with social media channels — for discussing ways to make our communities better.

Since even the biggest cities can be geographic silos, our main job is to find the best ideas, across the country and world, and give them broad visibility so others can benefit. We favor the ones small groups of locals make happen on their own.

We’re a place to showcase Municipal Awesomeness, a place to recognize citizen empowerment and a place for citizens to get practical information about how cities work — kind of like an owner’s manual.

We’re dedicated to the notion that healthy communities maintain a balance of involvement among three groups: civic leadership, citizens and businesses. We want to highlight achievement in each category.

We’re in search of a very specific type of content that inspires and challenges us all to do more. And, that’s what makes us different from general-purpose newspapers, or anyone else for that matter.

How We Do It.

We maintain a technology platform for sharing ideas, using a familiar format.

Behind the scenes, we reach out to a variety of people and organizations to collect the most creative and innovative projects we can find related to community development and service. We make them easy to understand, categorize them, and archive them for later reference.

We publish articles from citizens, government employees, bloggers, journalists, recognized subject experts, businesses and our own team. We’ll provide original and credible third-party research. We’ll recognize commitment and success, create awards, and host conferences and workshops.

We contact our audience members directly, through a number of communication channels, to let them know what we’re doing.

Why We Do It.

We want our communities to be as livable as possible for everybody.

Let’s do good for the cities we live in, and let’s do it in a big way.

Won’t you join us?